We at Contini Orologi have set an objective of maintaining an adequate level of fairness and ethics in conducting business activities within our company, as well as in relation to all those who can influence or are influenced by the company indirectly (stakeholders). We protect our image and reputation through a Code of Ethics and Conduct – below we have compiled a document representing a set of values and principles in order to convey a message of ethics, fairness, respect and loyalty. We also introduce an image and a message that can involve the community and its subjects, in an effort to improve their living conditions, both materially and intellectually, in a state of security and peace.


Fairness, honesty and good faith

We comply with ethics and corporate values, as well as fairness towards third parties. All behaviors and actions taken by either employees or collaborators during the work process are inspired by the principle of honesty and good faith that are in accordance with the current regulations and internal procedures. The pursuit of a specific interest or goal can never justify conduct contrary to the principles of fairness, honesty and good faith.

Free Market and Competition

As part of our business we are inspired by the principles of honesty, fairness and respect for the law. We recognize the free and fair competition in the market economy as a decisive factor for growth, development and constant business improvement.




Respect for the Environment

Our company respects the principle of environmental protection. We aim to safeguard it, for both private and collective good, in line with the activities and initiatives that are necessary for the intended purpose.


Professionalism, responsibility, promotion and protection of human resources

Our goal is to ensure an adequate degree of professionalism in the execution of tasks assigned to our employees and collaborators. The management and development of human resources is based on respect for the personality, competence and professionalism of each individual that is involved in the company’s operations.

Each person must perform his/her work with diligence, efficiency and fairness, using the best tools at his/her disposal and the adequate time required for the task. Each individual must carry out their delegated duties respecting the requested deadlines and instructions, while assuming the responsibilities associated with the formalities required. 

At Contini Orologi we consider the protection of the employee a primary value. Each employee, company-wide and independent of his/her position, is committed to fostering a work environment free of prejudice and respecting the principle of meritocracy. Relationships between employees, regardless of the levels of responsibility of the employees, must be based on the values of loyalty, fairness and mutual respect. The company complies with the principles of civil coexistence and tolerance of other people's prerogatives and duties, as well as respect for the rights and freedoms of individuals in the work environment.


Discrimination and harassment  

Discriminatory conduct, harassment and/ or personal injury are not tolerated at Contini Orologi. We are strongly committed, therefore, to provide a work environment that excludes any form of discrimination and harassment related to race, sex, religion, nationality, age, sexual orientation, disability, political beliefs, or other personal characteristics not related to the work place.

Prohibited behavior at work  

Illegal conduct or any form of abuse, threat or aggression to people or assets is strictly prohibited at Contini Orologi.

Health and safety at work

We consider the principle of the protection of health and safety at the work place our primary objective, in line with the activities and initiatives that are necessary for the intended purpose.

We fundamentally believe in the full and complete compliance with the safety and health regulations at the work space. We actively attempt to prevent any accidents and protect the safety and hygiene of workers.  

Employees, whose physical and moral integrity is considered a primary value, are guaranteed working conditions that respect individual dignity in a safe and healthy working environment.

Relations with third parties 

We are also actively developing a working relationship of trust with all our possible collaborators - individuals, groups or institutions whose contribution is required to pursue our mission, as well as with employees, customers, suppliers, institutions, the market and stakeholders, whose interests may be directly or indirectly affected by the activities of the Contini Orology company. 

Our company sets up relationships with customers, suppliers and employees solely on the basis of trust, quality, competitiveness, professionalism and respect for the rules of free market competition.