Pendulum accessories

In clock pendulum accessories catalog available long aluminium rods up to 25 cm in gold, chrome and black color or brass rod with a maximum length of 60 cm. Golden, chrome and black color aluminum bobs mm 33, 48 and 70. At catalog brass bob or brass bob with lira. Also brass grilles available in 11 cm or 12 cm.

Pendulum rod


Pendulum rod available in the following sizes and colors:

  • Aluminum rod  cm12 black-gold-chrome
  • Aluminum rod cm25 black-gold-chrome
  • Brass rod cm12, cm25, cm40
Lenti pendolo

Pendulum bobs


Bob for pendulum available in the following sizes and colors: 

  • Aluminium bob d.33 mm black-gold-silver
  • Aluminium bob d.48 mm black-gold-silver
  • Aluminium bob d.70 mm black-gold-silver
  • Brass bob d.33, 48 e 70 mm