Clock dials and bezels

Our clock dials and bezels are kit made from:

-metal dials in white, ivory and bicolor colors, with Roman or Arabic numbers;
mineral glass;
-brass clock ring available in raw, gold or nickel finishes

The size are:
diam.70mm - diam.112mm - diam.135mm - diam.155mm - diam.170mm - diam.200mm.

The clock movements and clock hands are sold separately.


Our available sizes


Ø 70 mm

ø 70 mm

Ø 112 mm

ø 112 mm

Ø 135 mm

ø 135 mm

Ø 155 mm

ø 155 mm

Ø 170 mm

ø 170 mm

Ø 200 mm

ø 200 mm