Clock projects

In our company we take care of your ideas

Our work is with small components and for that reason we know how attention to detail can make all the difference.

We provide our experience, expertise and tools to create unique items. We follow our projects from the earliest stages of conception and technical drawings, with great attention to design and functionality. Later we realize prototypes in compliance with high quality standards and each first production for us is a special moment in which our passion for our work is renewed.


In our catalog we offer a wide range of clock movements, hands and parts available in various sizes, shapes and colors. Given this infinite variety of combinations, we help all of our customers to find the perfect and appropriate fit for them .

We also offer individual customization of the dials for insert clocks and alarm clocks with designs and logos that our customers propose: with your ideas and our expertise we will give your model character and uniqueness.


Mechanisms watches quality control

Mechanisms watches quality control : our company is very attentive to the quality of the product and the maintenance of acceptable standards. In order to achieve this, we have for some years now subjected the mechanisms to periodic qualitative tests, following the AQL sampling criterion "Level II".

AQL "acceptable quality level"

is a standard parameter that is used to sample monitor the maximum percentage or percentage of non-compliance in a batch or batch of the product, based on its attributes (such as robustness, reliability, correctness, usability, etc.).


The great importance of quality control with sampling lies in the characteristic of controlling the quality level of production and building a supplier/customer relationship based on an objective reality.  In this way it is possible to identify the causes that determine the deterioration of Quality in a timely manner and start the process of targeted and effective corrective action.