Clock hands

Our catalog consists of a wide variety and models of clock hands, both stationary (for table) and wall items.

Our range includes the following clock hand models and shapes:

water drop, lance, stick, tie, arrow, flame, halberd, and baroque models. They can be pierced, balanced, or arched. They come in different shapes and sizes, in ABS plastic and in aluminum. Available in 10 different colors: black, white, grey, red, blue, chrome, satin chrome, gold, satin gold and copper color.
Extra long clock hand up to 40 cm are available.

The "hours" and “minutes" clock hands are sold as a pair, while the"seconds" hands, in plastic or metal depending on your choice, are supplied separately.

We also offer the possibility of creating custom clock hands, based on projects and specific customer requests.

The aluminum models are entirely "Made in Italy".
Download the entire Clock Hands catalog here.

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