Company Contini Orologi

Our company was founded in Florence in the late sixties as a small workshop specialized in the repair and replacement of mechanisms for desk and wall clocks.

In the following years, due to constant research and improvement, our company has expanded its catalogue and now qualifies as one of the largest on the national stage. It has become the leading provider of mechanisms, hands and clock component for manufacturing companies that produce glassware, porcelain, wood, silver, pewter.

During the end of the eighties, our company established itself on the giftware market and the market of furnishing accessories due to our creation of the first prototype of “alarm clock frame” for silverware. A simple and innovative invention became a success! In the twenty-first century, the company has understood and fulfilled the demands of the global market. Despite continuous change, it has seized the opportunities that have presented themselves. Today, it is a recognized national and European leader in the field of clocks and alarm clock movements, hands and parts, and other products demanded by international and domestic markets such as gift items, party favors and furnishing.

In order to meet the more and more specific needs of our clients, we constantly invest resources in the design and realization of new dials, hands and components based on design studies.

The mission that our company pursues in the future is GROWTH, understood as professional growth and development, focusing on commitment, RELIABILITY, service, specialization, research, and PASSION.

Our corporate MISSION

These are the values that inspire our team:

Our mission is professional growth and business development.
We try to see our company with the eyes of our customers: this is the best perspective to identify what works and what could be better. With this critical spirit, always ready to intervene to maintain our strengths and to correct our weaknesses, we develop our growth path. We follow it with daily determination and enthusiasm, trying to develop a working environment in which all of our employees can be valued.

At Contini Orologi we love our work.
We carry it out with love for the beautiful and the well done, when we deal with the simplest assembly of components as well as the most complex realization of a project. We have learned that involvement and passion for our work make all the difference when it comes to verifying results: we like to think that the dedication with which we complete each assignment is our greatest added value.

Being reliable is the basis of our professional ethics.
We work constantly to ensure the maximum efficiency of our products and our service: the professional relationships that bind us to our customers are based on trust and transparency and are the greatest incentive to better meet every request.

Our brands

In the more than 50 years of activity of the company, we have developed a wide collection of trademarks with which to market our products but it is above all in the last decade that the need to protect them has become stronger, meaning resources to be exploited. The brands have become a guarantee of quality and reliability, testifying to our history and experience in the field, qualified staff and quality control performed constantly on our products.

The registered trademarks of Contini Orologi

Considered the flagship brand. The name says a lot. It identifies the company, our history and experience in the field of interior watchmaking as well as the Italianità of our laboratory in Florence.
The "Contini Firenze" brand is used on the quality watch mechanism.

Brand recently developed and modeled on the basic watch movement, branded as a result of the improvement made, concerning the silent continuous rotation.
The brand evokes the experience of the company but associated with a more modern concept.

Altri marchi 

Un asset da proteggere

The protection of the brand can be obtained only through the continuous use over time.
However, we have started a process of registration of our trademarks at the Italian Patent and Trademark Office with the aim of obtaining greater protection, especially in the event of conflicts with third parties.

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