These are the values that inspire our team:

Our mission is based on professional growth and business development.
We attempt to see our company through the eyes of our customers: that is the best way for identifying which things work and which ones could be improved in the future. From this critical perspective, we are always ready to intervene and be flexible in order to keep our strengths and correct our weaknesses. This is how our company ensures its growth.
We follow our growth with everyday determination and enthusiasm, trying to develop a work environment in which all our employees and collaborators are valuable.

At Contini Orologi we love our work.
Whether we are working on the simplest assembly of components or the most complex of projects, we are always inspired by our love for beauty and our standard of high quality.
We have learned that our full involvement and passion for our work make all the difference when we look at our final results: we like to think that the dedication with which we carry out every assignment is our greatest added value.

Being reliable is the basis of our work ethic.
We work constantly to ensure maximum efficiency of our products and of our service. The professional relationships that connect us to our customers are based on trust and transparency and consist of the highest incentive to satisfy each request to its fullest potential.