Pendulum movements quality

Precision quartz pendulum movements quality. The selection of quality components makes these pendulum movements and rigid highly reliable controls, with an average defectiveness not exceeding 2%. Possible 4 differents mesures of shaft lenght 11, 16, 19 and 24mm. They are available with plastic hanger, that is guaranteed to support the weight of a wall clock less than 1 kg. The streght of oscillation is guaranteed for rod up to 50 cm and bob up to 30 gr.
Our pendulum movements SERIES CONTINI "quality" drag metal hands offset in length up to 21 cm from the hole center. Powered by AA battery AA 1.5 V.

Quality check

Our pendulum movements undergo a 100% quality control in production and an additional quality control following the criteria AQL2 (see our "Quality Control" section). Comply with the relevant EC directives and RoHS. 2-year warranty. 



Pendulum movement CONTINI with plastic hanger , in the following measures:

  • Total shaft lenght 11,5 mm (shaft lenght to screw 5 mm)
  • Total shaft lenght 16 mm (shaft lenght to screw 10 mm)
  • Total shaft lenght 19 mm (shaft lenght to screw 13 mm)
  • Total shaft lenght 24 mm (shaft lenght to screw 18 mm)